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My first impression of Dr. Stone was ‘WOW. She gets it.’ I want to look and feel good, and aging should not prevent me from being able to do what I want. Dr. Stone offers customized solutions to keep women healthy and vibrant. If I stay healthy I can thrive.” – Mary L.

My initial impression upon meeting Dr. Stone was that she is a doctor who is devoted to listening to her patients every concern, and is highly knowledgeable in her field. My opinion has not changed in all my time benefitting from her care. Rather, she has proven herself to be professional, flexible, understanding and willing to explore all options in treatment.” – Jenny F.

Dr. Stone is an amazing doctor! She doesn’t rush you, and takes plenty of time to understand what’s happening in your life. Follow up is amazing – the best I have ever received from any doctor.” – Debra F.

I came to Dr. Stone for biodentical hormone therapy and guidance in an ever-evolving medical arena of fads and pop medicine. Dr. Stone lent common sense and credibility to what I wanted to achieve for my health. She was the pathway for me to achieve what I sought to accomplish.” – Carol K.

Dr. Stone specializes in treating mature women who are dealing with menopausal issues. Her hormone replacement therapy is exceptional.” – Shelly H.

“Dr. Stone is one of the most compassionate, caring, intellectual and knowledgeable doctors, and people, I have ever dealt with.” – Chelsea H.

My family and I trust Dr. Stone. She has provided quality, comprehensive care to my mom, my sisters, and me. She is always accessible by email and quick to respond to any questions or concerns.” – Annie S.

Dr. Stone is warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable about women’s issues, especially post-menopausal women. She genuinely wants to help women feel better. In my two years of being her patient she has always been very responsive to my needs, and has prescribed hormonal treatment that meets them specifically. ” – Valerie R.

Dr. Stone is an amazing and committed doctor and friend. She is the kindest person on earth and provides truly individualized and customized treatment.” – Brenda A.


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