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Financial Policy

This information is provided to assist you with the practice’s financial policies relating to your care. It is Dr. Stone’s desire to establish clear payment agreements with patients in an effort to reduce confusion, and to allow the focus to be on the truly important issue: your health and wellness.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 720.234.0904.

Dr. Stone does not participate with any insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid. You will be responsible for payment for your visit at the time you are seen. Dr. Stone charges $300/ hour and your bill will be based on the time spent with Dr. Stone, face-to-face, at your visit. For example, if your visit is 30 minutes long, start to finish, the charge will be $150. (The fee schedule will change on 1/1/2018. Please see below for details *). Dr. Stone accepts cash, checks and credit cards. Again, the practice will not send you a bill. You will need to pay the full amount at the time of your visit. You can use your HSA (health spending account).

Dr. Stone will give you a “superbill” at the end of your visit, detailing what happened and the diagnosis codes for your visit. You can submit this to your insurance, and may receive some compensation directly from your insurance. Dr. Stone would be considered an out-of-network provider, and the amount of that compensation would be based on your out-of-network benefits, and whether or not you have met your deductible. Our office recommends going to your insurance website or contacting your insurance provider to see if you have out-of-network benefits, and to ask them how to submit a claim.

All labs, cultures, pap smears, pathology and radiology (mammogram, ultrasound, etc.) are billed separately, and will go through your insurance. It is important that you bring your insurance card with you every visit so Dr. Stone can send you to an in-network lab. This is very, very important to limit your out-of-pocket expenses. For example, patients with United Healthcare or Anthem will need to go to LabCorp, whereas patients with Cigna will be referred to Quest Diagnostics. Dr. Stone will not be involved in any lab or radiology billing. If you have concerns about a bill you receive from a lab or imaging center, please call them first. If you still have questions, you are welcome to call our office.

Remember, bring an up-to-date insurance card to each visit!

There will be a $40 fee for any returned checks.

Please cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance.

At this time, Dr. Stone does not have a no-show penalty. However, if you no-show for a visit or cancel your visit with less than 24-hours’ notice, you will need to pre-pay for your next scheduled visit.

* New Fee Schedule Effective January 1, 2018

Visits lasting 15 minutes or less: $90

Visits lasting between 16-30 minutes-$180

Visits lasting between 31-45 minutes-$270

Visits lasting between 46-60 minutes-$360

Visits lasting between 61-75 minutes-$450


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