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About Dr. Stone

Dianne StoneI truly feel privileged to be allowed into your life. I consider this a partnership. Your care is always best served when we collaborate to make decisions together, based on information that is openly communicated, and a mutual respect for each other’s opinions and insights. I promise to do my best to be compassionate, open-minded, honest, and thorough when caring for you. You deserve nothing less than to feel healthy and vibrant.

I was born in Denver in 1956, and have lived here nearly all my life. I did my undergraduate work, medical school and residency training in OB-Gyn at the University of Colorado. I’ve been board certified in OB-Gyn since 1989.

In 2012, I felt called to take my practice in a new direction. I love the practice of medicine, but I don’t love the business of medicine. Although I enjoyed my time in my previous practices, I learned while working there that I preferred a more holistic approach to women’s health. It weighed on me that the typical insurance-based OB-Gyn practice is high-volume, rushed, and at times, chaotic. The standard insurance-based visit is 10–15 minutes long, far from the length I would prefer when caring for my patients. To this end, in August 2012 I opened my own personal, direct pay, women’s health practice.

I’ve now been practicing for over 25 years. During this time, I have learned quite a bit about women’s health and wellness. There isn’t much I haven’t seen. I’m over 50 years old, and have experienced the richness of mid-life and its transitions, but I’m not so old so as to have forgotten my youth, its challenges, and its triumphs. Most importantly, though, I am a genuine and intuitive listener, and in this age of technology and soaring costs I believe this is the most valuable quality a physician can bring to a partnership with a patient.


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